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11 January 2011 @ 12:12 pm
Rules + How to join  
We still need rules and these rules are basically the same/similar to those that can be found in other subbing communities so you shouldn't be too unfamiliar with them ^-^

Our releases are for PERSONAL USE so,
♥ Please DO NOT UPLOAD/STREAM our files on streaming sites. Be it clips or the whole show, it's not allowed.
♥ Please DO NOT SHARE direct download links outside the community. You MAY link to the POST but not direct links.
♥ Please DO NOT REUPLOAD our files even when when you've re-encoded it because it's not yours. We understand that you might want to re-encode it for your iPod or something and fair enough but the whole idea is that it should be for your PERSONAL use.
♥ Please DO NOT PROFIT (e.g. SELL) our files. We are doing this as a labor of love, so it is not fair in any way for you to profit financially from them.
♥ Comments or Feedback would be nice so please do drop one if you can ^^; (I personally like to read all of them though I can't reply to each and everyone)

To be accepted, you have to not only follow the steps below but also have a good comment and journal count. If you say that you only use LJ for arashi, then at least your comment count should be good. I know that commenting on every release you take may not be easy and I don't expect it but you must have said thanks once in a while right? Or shared your thoughts on the vid?

The point of these steps/rules is that they act as a precaution to those who take fansubbed vids and re-upload them to streaming sites, increasing our chances of getting into trouble. Usually they don't bother to say thanks or squeal about the vid XD and they don't use their LJs.

Steps to Join:
For fansubbers:
1) Comment with the name of the team you're working with and a link to one of your subbed work.
2) Click "Join Community".
3) Wait for approval ^-^

For everyone else:
1) Answer at least 2 questions from the questions available. Comments are screened.
2) Click "Join Community". (at the top op the page in the bar)
3) Wait for approval ^-^

I am a student so unless I'm on break, it can be quite hard to approve a lot of people everyday but I will try ^-^. In turn, please be patient. Users with multiple applications will rejected straight away. If you want to add more stuff to your application, please reply to your comment or delete your comment and write a new one. Spamming will not increase your chances. Just write an answer you think is best =)

Of course, every answer should be Arashi related ^-^

1) Describe an event/action/gesture where a member/Arashi did something to change your life/inspire you (learning Japanese does not really count unless you had to fight tooth and nail against your parents, friends & the world to do it XD).

2) Something that made you laugh non-stop and you still chuckle thinking of it. Please also include WHY it was funny.
Saying things like "when XXX jumped on XXX was hillarious" is not enough. I admit it sounds funny but I'm sure that there is a reason why you think so. Is it because of the look of extreme suprise? The funny reactions from everyone around them? etc.

3) Something that made you cry/sad/feel touched and you might even still feel emotional if you're reminded of it.
Answers with regards to dramas/SPs/movies/acting in general will not be considered. They are ACTING. Its supposed to make you feel something. Please choose a real-life action/gesture that he/they did.

4) Something that made you try something new. (I'm sorry, learning Japanese still does not count.)
Please also include how it went, you don't need to do a play by play but just, things like a summary of what you did, who'd you drag along to do it with (XD) etc.

5) Any additional info to show that you're a fan ^-^ I would love to get to know the fandom better so you can introduce yourself but this is fully optional.

Some people may find this irritating/long to do but I really need to know that true fans will be joining to reduce the chances of breaking the rules and stuff.
We'll do our best to provide as much Arashi as possible because the purpose for this comm is to spread the miracle that is Arashi, and personally, I find answering qns about Arashi fun ^^; but to join or not to join is up to you. The posts will be unlocked until I find the need to lock them (this is usually because the vids are posted to streaming sites) so you don't HAVE to join.

Rules and Questions are only in English because that is the language the subs will be in. If your english is not perfect, don't worry because as long as you try your best to express what you think/feel, it'll come through ^-^
If it helps, you can add text in your language to add more detail.
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